Sunday Song and Rumination with Alana Levandoski

A special episode: a musical homily I delivered at the Erickson Lutheran church

March 18, 2020

It's not business as usual, so here is a mid-week message to listen to from this past Sunday.


I just wrote this to a dear listener who took the time to connect:


I'm reading Lord of the Rings to my kids right now, and something that gives me hope, is that although there is "us vs them" in that story, one thing that is surely wise beyond that, is that the little hobbits carry the ring toward the danger. The ones hungry for power were blind to that possibility. They thought they would take the ring to Minas Tirith to try and overtake with power. Instead, the smallest, most unlikely heroes, outpoured, able to move beyond the short sightedness of those overcome by greed... 
At this time, we have the potential to summon a more beautiful world, but interestingly, it is as we become anchored to our place that we are able to do so. But as with the story of the hobbits, our quest hangs by a thread. So I invoke the name of Christ Omega, to call us ever onward. Each of our places, can be an epicenter.
In the deep Peace, and may many blessings and insights flow that may only come through the scandal of your particular!

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